Sporting Clays

Our Sporting Clays course is set up with a variety of automatic and manual target throwers staffed by our members at each event. The walking trail is well maintained takes you to a variety of stations that depict realistic hunting situations. We throw a variety of targets that range from 108 mm “standard”,  60 mm, 90 mm, rabbits and Battue’s. The course changes each event and consists of 10 different stations. We are open to the public. Be sure to look at the schedule (navigation bar on left) and note our chicken & ribs as well as our steak fry’s special events the same day as scheduled Sporting Clays.

See Attached Flyer for Sporting Clays Dates

The starting time for Sporting Clays is 9:00 am and the last squad goes out at 3:00 pm

For questions or more information contact:

Doug Klinski at (262) 247-5913  email: